Shipping info

Since UPS have proven to be the most reliable and 'tight in schedule' company, we opted to use them as our favorite freight company. The good thing about UPS is that they have a reliable tracking system. So we can basically figure out in a jiffy where your package is at. In the many years we are using their services, NO package has been lost, stolen or damaged. (touching wood) We cannot stress enough that there has to be someone home though...UPS does not drop the parcel at your doorstep without a signature of the receiver (yes it can be your mom,dad or regular buddy). We get phonecalls/mails asking when the driver will be present, unfortunately... we have no clue. There's a ton of drivers all over the world, and we really don't know the one that is handling your neighbourhood to be honest. Make sure you're home or leave a note at your door with 'please drop the parcel at my neighbours' (make sure they are home as well) :o)